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Leadership in the Shadows

By Kyle E. Lamb
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Leadership in the Shadows describes, in detail, a set of leadership principles which have been proven in the most challenging conditions America has faced over the last two decades. The author SGM (R) Kyle Lamb, spent most of his twenty-plus year military career with multiple operational units within the United States Army's Special Operations community. During this time, he continually honed his leadership skills while being selected for one critical assignment after another. Leadership in the Shadows brings those leadership lessons to you. Drawn from real-life experiences, SGM Lamb's lessons will give you the tools and insight to raise your leadership skills to the next level. Whether you're in the corporate world, military, or law enforcement, the knowledge in Leadership in the Shadows will help guide your team to mission success.


In the military, and especially the rarified air of the Special Operations community, the Sergeant-majors are often the real leaders. They have decades of hands-on experience. If Kyle Lamb was leading, I would follow. If Kyle Lamb was in my command, I'd listen to him. --Colonel Craig Boddington, USMC (RET), Executive Field Editor, InterMedia Outdoors

SGM Kyle Lamb is one of the leading combat tacticians of our time. Not only are his personal stories inspirational but the observations he makes of other people in leadership positions, combined with his own insights, has produced a book which can educate and positively influence all of us. --Eric R. Pool, Sergeant, USMC 1996-2004, Virginia Military Institute, Class of 2001

Leadership in the Shadows will provide any leader with new insights about how to become more direct and results-driven. --Tom Davin, CEO 5.11 Tactical, Captain USMC, Harvard MBA

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