Strong Will Vol 1: A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse Ebook

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Strong Will Vol 1: A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse:

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series -

Companion Series in The Nosoi Virus World


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Will Wright is a freshly minted 2nd Lieutenant in the Washington State National Guard. Pulled from his home and job as a county sheriff’s deputy in the small town of Concrete. He is forced to leave his family and friends in the midst of the crises, at the beginning of the outbreak.
His assignment was to protect the remaining citizens of Seattle against the spread of the NOSOI virus. With the help of his best friend, Sargent Bobby Gardener and the remnants of his Military Police unit, he must fight to save the last known remnants of humanity from the infected that now rule the city.
Will knew things were bad, so it was no surprise to him that they were leaving their current outpost. But, the question was, where would they go? Guard and local units were under siege throughout the metroplex that made up Seattle. Small islands of sanctuary, falling one by one to the storm that was the NOSOI plague. They had completely lost control of the city, and the cavalry was not on the way. The Feds along with all full-time military units had vanished, leaving the local population and the Guard on their own.
Having lost many of his troops during their escape, Will and his MP’s must find a way to survive. Their resources depleted, so with almost no food, weapons or ammunition, they must find a way to flee the city. A way to reach the farthest corners of Puget Sound.
Hoping to join with another Guard unit or any outpost against the infection. Anywhere that they can find a safe haven from the deadly plague. Will must find a strength he never knew he had to save these last survivors. He must walk a fine line between fierceness and compassion, to keep his handful of part-time soldiers together. Because without their help, there will be no success.
He must balance all these obstacles as he searches for safety, because in the chaos of the outbreak, he may have found his love.