Strong Will Vol 3: A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse:: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series - Companion Series in The Nosoi Virus World EBOOK

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Author: Ashley Stone

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 198

Release Date: 30-12-2019

Details: Our story began in volumes 1 and 2. Will Wright, a young 2nd Lieutenant in the Washington State National Guard. The lone surviving officer of the 506th Military Police Company. He finds himself leading a small band of survivors through the plague apocalypse.
With Will’s unit having been overrun and wiped out by the infected. The survivors have fled for Puget Sound. Those psychopaths now rule the city of Seattle, victims of the military’s deadly NOSOI virus, a bio-weapon of war the likes mankind has never seen. A true Plague Apocalypse is now threatening to destroy the last remnants of humanity.
Abandoned by the Federal Government and full-time military. Lieutenant Wright has led his group to the rural landscape of Whidbey Island. The flight from Seattle has left him with only a hand full of Guardsmen and now a few good marines with which to protect the pitiful band of survivors. Women and children, the first out during the final downfall. All the known sanctuaries have fallen. The NOSOI virus has made it to the picturesque island first.
Will has recovered his new love from the grip of a budding serial killer, but now he must find his people. Searching for them amidst the chaos of the apocalypse.
Follow the survivors as they fight for survival against the infected and raiders. War parties from the local tribes now raid the island.
Will must find a balance between violence and justice, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Can he keep his part-time soldiers together during the deadly plague apocalypse?
WARNING: This book contains elements of self-defense, independent thought, individual freedoms, and a strong use of the Second Amendment and may be offensive to Progressives and Liberals.

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The Start of the Nosoi Virus Pandemic
The Chronicles of Ashley Stone
*Ashley’s Evolution

Languages: English