Aimpoint Comp M4s 2MOA/QRP2, w/Mount - 12172

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Brand: AimPoint

Color: Black


  • Fixed 1x
  • Capped turret
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Compatible with every generation of NVD

Publisher: AimPoint

Details: Aimpoint This design designated as the CompM4s features a low-mounted battery compartment giving the sight a lower overall profile and placing the switch and battery compartment in a more protected position while preserving all of the outstanding features of the standard CompM4 sight.The electronic components in the CompM4 include Aimpoint?s Super ACET diode circuitry allowing the sight to run constantly for up to 8 years on a single AA battery. All CompM4 sights feature an internal voltage regulator that allows the sights to operate on any AA size battery available worldwide. These sights also feature a 2 minute-of-angle (MOA) dot size making them perfectly suited for use with Aimpoint?s 3XMagnifier and Concealed Engagement Unit (CEU).The CompM4 is optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices and features an extremely rugged and easy to use 16-position manual switch with 7 night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight settings. The CompM4 sight body is designed to protect the optical and electronic components inside against hard use and keeps the sight waterproof to 45 meters (150feet).Features:- Compatible with every generation of Night Vision Devices (NVD) - Super ACET technology allows up to 80000 hours (over 8 years) of daytime operation on one AA battery - Internal voltage regulator allows the CompM4 to be used with any AA size battery.- Seven night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight settings- QRP2 mount has twice the clamping force of the original QRP and the mounting knob is wider and shorter to improve operation and lessen the chance of becoming snagged on other gear.- Mount base is ?keyed? into to the body of the sight to absorb recoil.- Mount base screws directly into the sight ? no separate sight ring is required.- 500000 hours of use on NVD setting - 2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement- Matches perfectly with Aimpoint 3XMag (magnifier module).- Unequalled light transmission.- Front lens opening is threaded

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.6 x 3.4 inches