Ashley's Evolution , The Chronicles of Ashley Stone Vol.3 Ebook:

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Ashley's Evolution

The Chronicles of Ashley Stone


The NOSOI Virus Saga

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series


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The NOSOI virus, America’s deadliest Bioweapon has been set loose upon the world. As a global pandemic erupts, America descends into chaos. At first, our cities were war zones, now they have been completely lost to the ever-growing horde of infected. The only chance humans had for survival was in the small towns and rural landscapes far away from large populations. The NOSOI Virus doesn’t kill its victims; instead, it turns them into something worse; crazed psychopaths, who feel no pain and know no limits. Becoming zombie-like creatures, which are extremely difficult to kill, and killing them is the only answer. Once infected, there is no coming back.

The struggle for survival continues as the pandemic rages on. In this viral outbreak thriller series, our heroes must learn how to survive in a post-apocalyptic plague, infected world.

In Volume 3 of the Ashley Stone Chronicles; Ben, a former green beret, his wife Ashley, a WMD K9 Handler, and their dog Thor, aid the survivors of Concrete in sweeping the infected from their small town in the Cascades. This rural community was lucky enough to have everything they needed to build a new future. With the world in chaos and all modern amenities gone, our friends in Concrete have found a way to restore their community. With a flowing river that powers their hydroelectric dam, they are coming back from the dark ages and restoring electricity to their small town. Having fought the infected for months, they’ve now learned of the new threat posed by the former inmates of the WA State’s prison, and are preparing to defend their town from all invaders. If only Ben’s former military brothers can arrive in time to aid in the fight.

Former Teammate Rob is Ben’s best friend. He’s been given a hack assignment to lead a team of scientist to stop the growing plague. The only problem, his tier 1 team is comprised of former military, many of them disabled. It was a job they were never supposed to complete, and it was really a suicide mission. But, they have combined their skills and beaten the odds. Now all Rob wants to do is get this ragtag group of operators back home to his friends in Concrete, but there’s a problem. They’ve found a solution, a virus that will complete the gene sequence and kill off the infected. Rob must fight to get it into the right hands and still get to Concrete in time.