Ashley's Evolution , The Chronicles of Ashley Stone Vol.2 2nd Edition Ebook:

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Ashley's Evolution

The Chronicles of Ashley Stone

Vol.2 2nd Edition:

The NOSOI Virus Saga

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series


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America’s deadliest bio-weapon, the NOSOI Virus, is accidentally set loose upon the world. As the pandemic erupts, America descends into chaos; our cities become war-zones. However, NOSOI was designed not to kill its victims. Instead, the virus turns the infected into something much worse; crazed psychopaths, super-aggressive, with heightened strength, and nearly impossible to kill. And killing them is the only answer, once infected there is no coming back….
The struggle for survival continues for our heroes from Volume 1 in this viral outbreak thriller series. In the life and death challenges of a post-apocalyptic plague world, you never know who your enemy truly is. It’s not just about survival; it’s about the hope for a better future. While fighting to protect each other and rebuilding their small town, the zombie-like plague victims of the NOSOI outbreak are a threat, unlike any other. It’s not a bite that will kill you; it’s catching the virus. How do you defend yourself against something as easy to contract as the common cold?
Set the small rural town of Concrete near the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, a small group of survivors continue to fight for their lives in the apocalypse..

Follow Ben, a former Special Forces Green Beret, and his wife; Ashley, an MWD K9 handler along with their dog Thor as they try to save their small town. Fighting for their lives while waiting for their military teammates to arrive from the heart of the outbreak. All law and order have disappeared, and the threads of society are disintegrating. Ben and Ashley will have to use all of their military training to save those they love as well as each other; not realizing the plague victims are not their worst enemy….(This new edition is packed with more action and additional storylines.)