HOLOSUN Infiniti HS402C Solar Power Monocular Red Dot Sight

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Color: Black


  • Two power systems: Primarily Solar Powered, the red dot brightness auto adjusts according to available light; Switch to Battery power in dark (50,000 hours battery life)
  • Military grade optics without the military grade price
  • High quality clear lens with crisp red dot and 12 brightness settings (10 Daytime and 2 Night Vision)
  • Parallax-free; when the red dot is on the target, so are you; 2 MOA dot size
  • Fully waterproof (Class IP67); High strength aluminum, MAO finish; LIFETIME WARRANTY

Binding: Sports

Publisher: HoloSun Technologies Inc.

Release Date: 01-01-2018

Details: The HOLOSUN INFINITI HS402C is a monocular Red Dot Sight with dual power supply, quick release mount and no vision-blocking battery tray design. It is powered by solar cell under normal usage, but under low light conditions, the battery will supplement the power requirements. The brightness level is memorized from the last time the sight was used. Sight operation can be switched between automatic and manual modes. Out of the box, this red dot is automatically solar powered. The red dot intensity also auto adjusts to ambient light. If there is not enough light, such as at night, just press the "+" or "-" button to activate battery power. Now it will operate like a regular red dot such as the HS403A. You can adjust the intensity by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons. When it is time to power down the unit, just press both buttons at the same time or simply put it away and it will turn off after 8 hours. The unit is now automatically in solar powered mode, ready when you need it. You can verify the power mode by covering the solar cell. If the red dot is on, you are in battery mode. If it is off, you are in solar mode. Features of PARALOW HS402C Solar Powered Red Dot Sight : Designed for both day use and night vision; New advantage technology LED allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery; 2 MOA on dot size; Easy to zero, therefore reducing training time and ammunition; Unlimited field of view; Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief; Unaffected by extreme weather conditions; Durable and reliable construction; Press button brightness setting and automatically brightness adjustment. Specs: Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight; Red Dot Size: 2 MOA; Parallax free: No centering required, aiming with red dot anywhere inside window.; Magnification: 1x; Battery CR2032; Battery Life: 50,000 hours at setting 6; Auto Shutoff after 8 Hours; Brightness Settings: 10 Day settings and 2 Night Vision Settings; Housing Material: High-Strength Aluminum; Adjust per click 0.5MOA.

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.3 x 3.5 inches