Lukovee Tactical Dog Collar and Leash Set, Adjustable Military Training Nylon Collar and Heavy Duty Bungee Lead with Soft Cover Control Handles Quick Release Buckle for Dogs Daily Walks (Leash+Collar)

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Brand: Lukovee

Color: New Black


  • New Generation and Superior Materials --- 🐾Tactical Dog Collar: This collar is made from double layer nylon webbing strap with soft cover, which can be adjusted from 18.9 inch to 25.98 inch. 🐾Tactical Dog Leash: the bungee leash is made from durable 1000D nylon with the metal buckle, which can be stretched from 40.94 inch to 54.72 inch.
  • Practical Design and Hand-Free Leash Style --- 🐾Tactical Dog Collar: This collar is helpful to help the pet owner to control dog for a direct with an attached handle when walking in crowd; besides, the magic tape can be used to fix the handle to avoid being hooked. 🐾Tactical Dog Leash: There is one handle at end of the dog leash, one linked to the clasp can help your hands free to keep dog close to you in the crowd , the other one is for you to grip when walking with your dog.
  • Durable and Great for Dog --- 🐾 Tactical Dog Collar: There is a soft flannelette cover around the 1.3 inch wide strap, which is not too thin around his neck and playing a protective role for him. 🐾 Tactical Dog Leash: A bungee lead is great for the pet owner to stop harsh pulling and make their arm more comfortable when dog tries to pull.
  • Great for Training and Outdoor Sports --- These collar and leash are suitable for those person who prefer to outdoor activities or sports with their pet dogs by pulled back or released, which can combine the exercise and behavior training for the pet owners and their pet dogs.
  • Wide Application --- The durable collar and dog leash both can be combined with each other, or the dog harness, other pet products for pet dog's daily life. Besides, it also can prevent the dog suddenly rushed to the crowd.

Publisher: Lukovee

Details: Outstanding features of the Nasus Tactical Dog Collar Leash:
✅The dog collar and leash is ideal for Small and Medium dogs, such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois.
✅ The material we adopted is the tough durable nylon materials, which can be useful to protect and control your pet dogs.

Why choose the Nasus Tactical Dog Collar Leash?
1. This tactical dog collar is comfortable and durable for those prefer to outdoor activities or sports with their dogs. The bungee inside of the leash truly reduced any jerk of the leash for both the dog and trainer.
2. Both there handles can help the pet owner more easily control dogs in the crowd which making it very easy to grab quickly if necessary and also comfortable to hold.

Tactical Dog Collar: Nylon webbing strap, Metal D ring
Tactical Dog Leash: 1000D Nylon

Tactical Dog Collar:
Width: 1.3 inch
Length: Shortest: 18.9 inch
Longest: 25.98 inch

Tactical Dog Leash:
Length: 40.94 inch
Width: 0.98 inch

Weight :
Tactical Dog Collar: 102g / 3.5oz
Tactical Dog Leash: 112g / 3.95oz

Suitable: Small and Medium size dogs

Package Include
1 X Nasus Tactical Dog Collar
1 x Nasus Tactical Dog Leash

Warm Tips:
🐾 Please measure your pets carefully for making the right purchase.
🐾 Please allows the 0.5 - 1 inch measurement error.
🐾 Please kindly find the carabiner can be taken down when not use.

UPC: 667016190752

EAN: 667016190752

Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.0 x 1.5 inches