OUTBREAK - Prequel: The NOSOI Virus Saga A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series Ebook

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The NOSOI Virus Saga

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series


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I always thought that if the world ended, it would be with a bang. We were all lead to expect an asteroid strike, a nuclear exchange, or some other weapon of mass destruction. Then again, it could have happened with a whimper. But instead, it ended with horrifying screams, the stuff that made up the darkest nightmares. As the NOSOI virus took control of the world, the infected devoured everything. Leaving nothing but blood, broken corpses and more infected in their wake…
I will tell you my story, and the stories of the others who came to be my family, friends, and allies. But, before I can tell you those stories, you need to understand how the NOSOI virus ended our world…
In truth, it was greed and corruption. Those two little deadly sins lead to the downfall of humanity, not unlike the fall of all great civilizations before us. This time it only took one man, to end it all….
Dr. Jim Tipman was the chief administrator of the USAMRIID virus Cryo-storage facility at Fort Derrick. He was a brilliant virologist, but his career had hit a downward spiral ever since his gambling and drinking habits had taken over his life. It did not take long before he found himself vastly in debt to the Russian mob. Willing to do anything to save himself. Jim made an unholy deal with the devil.
Now, our world has quickly descended into chaos, pitting neighbor against neighbor. All of us fighting for survival In this world, only the strong will survive, and the weak, well they don’t stand a chance. We can’t all survive, or at least that was how it seemed.
Remember that when the sh*t hit’s the fan, you better be ready to fight. You never know who or where the enemy might be..