Strong Will Vol 2: A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse Ebook

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Strong Will Vol 2: A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse:

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series -

Companion Series in The Nosoi Virus World


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Will Wright was a freshly minted 2nd Lieutenant in the Washington State National Guard. A small-town County Deputy who joined the 506th Military Police Company looking to serve his country. Forced to leave his family and friends at the start of the pandemic, only to be thrust into the middle of a global outbreak.
In the end, he is assigned to one of the final outposts in the suburbs of Seattle. Then the base falls, and Will’s unit is overrun by the hordes of infected. Those crazed psychopaths now rule the city, victims of the military’s deadly NOSOI virus, a bio-weapon of war the likes mankind has never seen. A real Plague Apocalypse is now at hand, and Will must fight to save the last of the survivors he has sworn to protect.
With the Federal Government and full-time military units gone into hiding, the Guard has been left on their own. A hopeless task is now made impossible after finding that the tools they so desperately needed, were never sent. Stockpiled for a time after the pandemic has run its course and the all-powerful will reclaim the wasteland.
The flight from the Arena has left him with only a hand full of Guardsmen with which to protect the pitiful survivors. Women and children, the first out during the final downfall. All the known sanctuaries have fallen, so Will did the only thing he could, he took his people and fled for the countryside. Hemmed in by the whole of the city, somehow, he found a way to get the survivors to Whidbey Island, a picturesque paradise in Puget Sound. However, NOSOI has made it there first.
Follow Will’s trials as they must scavenge for food, weapons, and ammunition in the rural landscape, hoping to find any sanctuary or other survivors. Luckily, there’s a Naval Air Station on the Northern end of the island, just twenty-five miles distant. But, for the survivors, it might as well be on the far side of the moon. If they could just get there, there should be some remnant of the military to aid them.
To make matters worse, amidst the chaos, Will finds “Mrs. Wright,” what a terrible time to fall in love. Her name is Hope, and it’s what she gives him. That and the strength to fight on against all the odds.
The infected are not their only enemy; other survivors are not so well-intentioned. Will must find a balance between fierceness and compassion, despair and faith, to keep his part-time soldiers together during the deadly plague apocalypse, the story continues now in Volume 2.