Tactica Defense Fashion - Belly Band Holster - Sig P365 - Right Hand - Extra Large

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Brand: Tactica Defense Fashion

Color: XL - 42"-47"


  • CoolVent Neoprene: Extremely comfortable backing that is breathable to help prevent any irritation from wearing a holster which generally only gets exponentially worse over an extended period of time. This material helps to prevent any of this irritation.
  • Spring Steel Reinforcement: Making sure to retain a rigid platform for you to draw and reholster your pistol from. This steel reinforcement also makes sure that this holster will last over time!
  • Custom Molded Shell: An exact fitment to your specific pistol, making sure that you have a properly secure and safe way to carry your firearm!
  • Tailored Size Options: Six different size options allow for you to get a general size that fits you and then fine tune it when you put it on based on your day to day outfit or wardrobe
  • Proudly Made in the USA: High quality materials and craftmanship that you can expect from a product made right here in the United States!